HLG & Lower Local Government Performance Assessment results FY 2021-2022

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The Administration department of Nansana Municipal Council is tasked to promote democratic governance, advocacy, transparency, and accountability in Local Governments.

It enhances the capacity of the municipality to deliver quality services. It supervises and coordinates operations of the municipal council. It also presents, protects and defends local administration interests at all levels and puts in place mechanisms for equitable sharing of resources in Nansana municipality.


This department’s main objective is to increase household income and general well-being of communities through agriculture, promotion of food security, and eradicate poverty by increasing both food and cash crop & also improvement of livelihood of farmers based on livestock enterprises.

The Finance Department

The Finance department is specifically concerned with the improvement of revenue and expenditure management of the Nansana Municipal Council.

The Internal Audit unit

This unit’s major objective is to ensure that Nansana Municipal Council and its lower administrative units achieve their goals by providing audit assurance and consulting services on risk management, control, and governance issues.


This department is specifically concerned with the improvement of revenue and expenditure management of the Nansana Municipal Council.

Trade, Industry, and Local Economic Development Department

This department aims at providing leadership, technical support, and guidance for the delivery of quality economic services in the municipality; and this is done by implementing guidelines and policies on trade, industry, tourism & cooperatives among others.

Education & Sports Department

This builds and maintains capacity in educational services and improves service delivery in both education and sports.

Health Department

This department’s major emphasis is to improve the health of the Nansana Municipality community so as to realize a socially and economically productive society.

Technical Services and works

The major objective of this department is to have a well-planned and maintained Nansana municipal council infrastructure, provide a sound all-weather road network accessible at all times, and also to ensure the construction and maintenance of well-planned safe habitable human settlements.

Physical Planning and Natural Resources

This department carries out spatial planning, direct and controlling urbanization with Nansana Municipality in order to have well-planned, balanced, and environmentally friendly developments; and also, to have a fully organized functional and operationally coordinated team to guide and advise on the sustainable utilization of resources with emphasis on land use, environment, wetlands, and forestry.

Community Based Services Department

This encompasses aspects including; probation & social welfare, community development, gender & culture, the youths, labor, and Persons with disabilities & the elderly.

Planning unit

This department’s major objective is to coordinate and ensure integrated planning and monitoring in addition to evaluating the implementation of Nansana Municipal Council plans and programs.

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